What are the best Day Trips from Hurghada Egypt

What are the best Day Trips from Hurghada Egypt

If you are planning to take special daily trips from the tourist city of Hurghada in the Red Sea for a whole day & Things to Do in Hurghada Morning to night,

I recommend the 3 best trips to learn about the history of the ancient Egyptian civilization and the secrets of the pharaohs.

The city of Cairo and Giza is one of the most important destinations for tourists to visit the Three Pyramids area and learn about the miracle of construction and secrets you did not know before about the Pharaohs’ kings and life in ancient Egypt, visiting the ancient and new Egyptian Museum, then visiting Old and Islamic Cairo and more.

The duration of the trip from Hurghada to Cairo is about 6 hours and very exhausting, but it is fun in the end when you see the pyramids and the Sphinx

What are the best Day Trips from Hurghada Egypt

Here are the most beautiful daily trips to Luxor from Hurghada to see Karnak Temple, Valley of the Kings, Colossi of Memnon, and Temple of Hatshepsut in Luxor.

the most important 4 important archaeological landmarks, where you can visit, then lunch and ride the boat in the Nile River and then return to the hotel.

As for the third trip, it is somewhat exhausting, but it is enjoyable to visit the Abu Simbel temple in Aswan and the Nubian Museum, and learn about the landmarks of the tourist city of Aswan.

I will convey to you my tourist experience while visiting Giza and Cairo to see the monuments of Pharaonic Egypt.

My experience  with Hurghada to Cairo Trip when visit Great Sphinx of Giza:

Pyramids of Giza is the greatest cemetery and the most famous building in the world, where the pyramid of Khufu is the maximum reached by the efforts and experiences of the pyramid’s builders. It will remain the seven most important wonders of the world.

It was built as a cemetery for Pharaoh’s fourth family Khufu.

King Khufu was influenced by his father King Sinfero in the construction of his pyramid; after his death, Khufu became the ruler of the land, it is natural to think about the construction of his tomb, which is the first national project in ancient Egypt

 The first pyramid “Khufu “:

It has two secondary columns and a colonnaded hall with an almost wide view of the building, and between the temple and the pyramid, an open courtyard, its granite walls covered with granite. Where the pyramid of Khafra is a small thing from the pyramid of Khufu.

The height of this Pyramids of Giza Khafra when it was built 143.5 meters and the length of each side of the base square 215.5 meters, but the angle is 53.10 degrees, has remained outside the outer part near the top.

Queen’s room is located exactly midway between the north and south face of the pyramid.

Second Pyramid “khafre “:

 revealed by the Von Zeppelin mission under the supervision of Holzer and Stendorf.

Third pyramid “Menkaure “:

The length of each side of the base is 108.5 meters.

The height of the king pyramid is 66.50 degrees and the angle are 51 degrees

Our guide will meet you early in the morning at your Hurghada hotel and pick you up at the airport to start your trip. From there you fly to Cairo, where our Egyptologist will already be waiting for you at the airport.

Egyptian Museum:

Interestingly, how can such work of art be made without the help of machines? The ancient Egyptians were wonderful craftsmen! The museum, which was originally designed for 50,000 exhibits per 15,000 square meters, now occupies three buildings and many of the exhibits are kept out of the reach of visitors in the basement of the building.

In the famous Cairo Citadel, Mohammed Ali Mosque, also called Alabaster Mosque. The Ottoman-style complex has a fantastic view of Cairo, with a good view even of the pyramids. A clock that never walked in the courtyard of the mosque corresponded with a gift from the French king

A trip to Luxor from Hurghada. This long period was followed by a weak time known as the 1st intermediate period (troubled time).

But by the beginning of the 11th dynasty, Egypt regained its power, which lasted only 2 dynasties, known as the period of the Middle Kingdom, until the 2nd interim period begins with the famous Asian occupation called Hexos, which means foreign rulers.

A few years after this, the glory of Egypt returns again and this time from Thebes (Luxor), when the great royal family ascends the throne from the south, who liberate Egypt from this occupation, under which Egypt was under for three hundred years.

These pharaohs established a period that is known as the period of the New Kingdom and lasted for 3 dynasties and more than 5 hundred years, was also known as the golden era of the history of the ancient Egyptians and most of the buildings that they have built so far, existing in various places are considered great evidence about advanced construction and art during this period. they have retreated their capital at Thebes, or Luxor at present, and this explains why all these archaeological sites are in the same city.

Some of these attractions in Luxor you will visit when you book a trip to Luxor from Cairo now through us.

What are the best Day Trips from Hurghada Egypt
What are the best Day Trips from Hurghada Egypt

When come Egypt will be enjoying. Trust…

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